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Chapters and Clubs

Boise State 校友 Association chapters and clubs are located in Idaho and across the nation.  Chapters and clubs are designed to keep you engaged with your alma mater and former classmates. If you would like to find out more, browse the Club/Chapter Handbook or call Teresa Harder at (208) 426-1297.

Chapters are now holding officer elections. Click here to see if your chapter is one of them!

校友 Clubs


Northern California

Orange County

Developing Chapters

School of Social Work

Native American 校友

Don't See Your College, Department, 城市 or State?

If you would like to serve as a Bronco Contact or start a club or chapter in your area, contact Teresa Harder, director of regional alumni programs at

校友 Club and Chapter Active Member Form

Join our active alumni club or chapter member lists to be notified of day-to-day chapter business, exclusive information about events and activities and much more!


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