信息 Technology 可访问性 (Policy 8140)


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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, (208) 426-1202
Office of Institutional Compliance and Ethics, (208) 426-1417
Office of 信息 Technology, (208) 426-1200


This policy applies to 信息al Technologies employed by all Boise State units and departments, including departmental websites hosted by non-Boise State servers, 应用程序, and other technologies employed to store, 传达, or otherwise host information and communications accessible to all, and in particular people with disabilities.


  • Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended
  • Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • University Policy 1075 (Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability)

1. 政策的目的

确保大学 信息 Technology (IT) environment is Accessible to all, and in particular to people with disabilities.

2. 政策声明

理大致力营造人人都可使用的资讯科技环境, and in particular to people with disabilities. The University seeks to deploy 信息 Technology that is designed, 发达, or procured with accessibility in mind. An Accessible IT environment generally enhances Usability for everyone, and in particular for people using Access Technologies. 支持资讯科技易达性, the University helps ensure everyone is able to access, 受益于, and contribute to its electronic programs and services.

3. 定义


指残疾人有机会获得同样的信息这一概念, 参与相同的互动, 以同样有效和同样全面的方式享受与正常人相同的服务, with substantially equivalent ease of use.


信息 Technology that has been designed, 发达, or procured to be fully usable by all people, including those who use Access Technologies. The person with a disability must be able to obtain the information as fully, 同样, and independently as a person without a disability.


任何物品, 设备, 或者用来增加产品体系, 维护, or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability. 通常与信息技术一起使用的访问技术的例子包括特殊的输入设备(例如.g., 头或脚鼠标, 膨胀和sip开关, 语音识别), 屏幕阅读软件, 还有屏幕放大镜.


Anything related to computing technology, 包括但不限于: networking; hardware; software; and website development, 维护, and usage available for use by students, 员工, 或者是公众.


指的是多么容易, 有效地, 高效的用户可以利用产品或系统来实现他们的目标,以及他们对体验的满意度.

4. University Department and Unit Responsibilities

a. Adhere to all processes adopted and implemented by the University, 包括但不限于, the processes outlined in Appendix A of this policy.

b. 开发, 购买, 和/或获得, 在可行的范围内, hardware and software products that are fully Accessible to people with disabilities. 根据本政策,大学有责任确保从供应商或承包商处创建或购买的产品被视为可访问信息技术.

c. 偶尔和间歇性地检查网站内容是否符合本政策和相关附录.

d. Designate at least one staff member to act as IT 可访问性 Liaison. 该工作人员必须定期参加大学提供的无障碍培训和/或其他教育活动,并确保该部门或单位使用的信息技术是无障碍信息技术. 无法指定IT无障碍联络员的部门应与副总裁和首席信息官合作,他们将确保部门和单位遵守本政策. For current information on IT 可访问性 trainings and educational materials, visit http://www.theluxurybrandagency.com/webguide/accessibility/.

5. Director of Web Strategy and Associate Vice President and Chief 信息 Officer Responsibilities

a. Promote awareness of this policy to all members of the University community, particularly those in roles responsible for creating, 选择, or 维护ing electronic content and 应用程序.

b. 为大学各学系和单位提供有针对性的网站无障碍培训机会,以提供支持和加强遵守本政策.

c. 继续通过教与学中心提供与教学方法相关的无障碍培训.

6. IT 可访问性 Committee Responsibilities


7. 解决无障碍问题

大学的任何成员, 或者公众中的一员, 如果对大学信息技术的可及性有疑问,应通知副校长和首席信息官,他们将与相关部门或单位合作解决该问题.

8. Complaints of Discrimination on the Basis of Disability

鼓励认为自己因残疾而受到歧视的个人向机构遵守和道德办公室投诉. 根据大学政策1060(不歧视和反骚扰),大学处理基于残疾的歧视投诉。.

9. Appendix A: University IT 可访问性 Standards and Requirements

9.1 信息 Technology 可访问性 Program



The Committee represents a broad range of functional areas and addresses academic, 研究, 以及管理方面的考虑和需求. The Associate Vice President and Chief 信息 Officer chairs the Committee, and the Committee is charged to build the Program and address IT accessibility in an innovative manner. 该计划包括以下内容:


Assignment of roles, authority, responsibilities, and accountability for achieving policy compliance.


A strategy to address the different needs of the academic, 研究, 和行政功能,并支持分散的学术和研究活动使用IT.


A process to prioritize effort that takes into consideration local needs, 实践, and available resources including providing access to centralized IT accessibility support.


A strategy to incorporate accessibility into the design and authoring process of digital content.


A procedure to incorporate IT accessibility into the procurement process, 包括建立一套正式方法,以评估拟采购的产品或系统的可及性,有关资料载于资讯科技署项目管理办公室的网页: http://www.theluxurybrandagency.com/oit-pmo/software-review-requests/


A training plan for personnel who develop and 维护 electronic information resources, 作者网页内容, 或者进行it相关的购买.


A communication plan and campaign to raise awareness about IT accessibility.


Processes for monitoring compliance, including compliance with any standards listed in this Appendix.


An evaluation process to measure the effectiveness of the Program on an annual basis.


A process for determining exceptions and for ensuring the development, 文档, and communication of effective alternate forms of access.



9.2.1 Web标准

Electronic information must meet the Web Content 可访问性 Guidelines (WCAG) AA Success Criteria. 有关万维网联盟(W3C)可访问性标准的信息可以在W3C网站上找到.


新的发展和采购, 包括对现有电子信息资源进行重大修订和更新的开发和采购,必须优先于对现有电子信息资源进行改造. 其他电子信息资源的附加标准可能会随着时间的推移而确定,并添加到本标准和要求文件中.


a. 由于内容的性质,遵守这些标准和要求可能并不总是可行的, 资源的用途, 缺乏可访问的解决方案, or an unreasonably high administrative or financial cost necessary to make the resource Accessible. 然而, these difficulties do not relieve University programs or services from their IT accessibility obligations. 大学项目和服务的管理者必须准备好根据请求根据平等可访问的替代访问计划提供内容和/或服务.

b. The University Chief Compliance Officer, 或被任命者, or Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, 或被任命者, are the only authorities that may approve exceptions to this policy. 所有例外情况和例外情况的具体原因必须以书面形式记录下来,并在例外技术的使用逐步停止使用后5年内存档.

10. 额外的信息


W3C Website – World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) standards for accessibility